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1. Jerzey Swingler stars in Eastenders! Star Struck are very proud that Jerzey Swingler from our Basildon group has gained a regular part in Eastenders and is now on our screens in the role of Rosie Spraggen. Go Jerzey!

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2. Frances and Mel would like to say a very big CONGRATULATIONS! to all the students, for their amazing performance of 'Thank You For The Music' at The Towngate Theatre. It was our best show yet and we were proud of each and every one of you. Check out the gallery for photos!

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3. Congratulations to Mark Hughes and Joseph Hodder who recently shot 'Infidel' with Omid Djalili. We look forward to seeing you on our screens soon.

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4. A very big 'Well Done' to Samuel Baughan who's 2nd film has recently been premiered at London's Odean Cinema.

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5. We are very proud to announce that some of our students have recently played parts in the up and coming movie 'Franklin' starring Eva Green. Sasha Douglas, Sophie Sugrue and Christopher Churley all took part, with Natalie Simmons playing the young Eva Green and Luke Pettican playing opposite her.

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6. The Evening Echo
'SINGER CHLOE SPREADS A LITTLE PEACE ON EARTH - Young performer Chloe Evans is hitting the high notes this Christmas, just three months after joining a local theatre school.

Eight-year-old Chloe joined Star Struck Theatre School in September. Just three months later the youngster was asked to audition to sing with American ensemble The Big City Band for a special Christmas album.

The band were so impressed they picked her to perform on an original track called 'Peace on Earth' which tells the tale of a father singing to his daughter about Christmas and how her response is to ask for peace instead of a present.

The track was recorded at a studio in London while the band were on a flying visit to the UK.

Chloe, of Coleville Close, Corringham said: "I was really nervous and had to practise a lot before I went to the recording. I really like singing and acting. When I told everyone at school they asked if I was

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7. The Evening Echo
'GEORGINA'S STAR STRUCK! - A budding actress was chosen to star in a short film after a screen test on her first day at theatre school. Georgina Bach, seven, from Langdon Hills, was filmed for her scenes in Together Alone.

Around 40 other youngsters from the Star Struck Theatre School, Basildon, also starred as extras.

Georgina was chosen for the role after writer and director Jane Gull screen tested dozens of pupils from the theatre school a month ago.

Georgina played the little girl in several flashback scenes.'

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8. Congratulations are also in order for our latest group of talented students who have managed to get into outside productions.  Chloe Evans and Rebecca Canham who played Bashful and the white rabbit in 'Snow White' at The Towngate Theatre at Christmas, Billy Lawrence and Mark Hughes who just got into Oliver! at The Cliffs Pavillion and to all the students who took part in Solomon's Theatrical Agency's production of Oliver! at The Towngate Theatre in November.  Well done!

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9. The students from the Star Struck Theatre School were really excited to be part of Blue Peter's Bark In The Park fundraising event for Guide Dogs for the Blind. They had a great day, really enjoyed the show, which was filmed for Blue Peter, and the highlight of most of the kids day was meeting presenter Gethin.

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10. Star Struck student Luke Pettican was chosen from many hopefuls to appear in recent Sci-Fi film 'The Calling'. Luke has been with the school 4 years and has done very well since joining the agency almost a year ago.

He was also chosen to appear as Tiny Tim in 'The Dickens World Project'. First he went up to Angels in Hendon to be costumed and wigged, a fairly exciting experience in itself, seeing 5 miles of costumes and for Luke sitting in a chair that Billie Piper had sat in made his day.

Then he went up to Shepperton for filming, where he was made up and had calipers fitted to his legs. The Dickens world project is a permanent exhibition that is due to open next month at Chatham. We are looking forward to going to see the end result.

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11. Mark Hughes was delighted when he went for an audition for ‘The King and I’ at The Cliffs Pavillion. The director was so impressed with him that although Mark originally auditioned for one of the King’s children he was given a featured part as Prince Chululongkorn!

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12. Amelia, Sayuri, Christopher and Emilly had a great time recording in the London studio after winning last year's singing competition. Good luck to everybody for this year's competition!

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13. This year’s awards ceremony went well with the following
awards being given.

Student of the Year - Rebecca Canham

Dedication Award
Winner - Mark Hughes
Runner up - Olivia Berarey

Best Team Player
Winner - Elenya Madden
Runner up - Lizzie Wallace

Confidence Award
Winner - Lauren Dobson
Runner up - Emily Gregory & Amber Trower

Newcomer’s Award
Winner - Isabelle Hawley
Runner up - Phoebe Peters

Most Improved All Rounder
Winner - Samuel Baughan
Runner up - Emilly Carter & Sasha Douglas

Most Improved in Dance
Winner - Rhianna Madden
Runner up - Fearne Wilson

Most Improved in Drama
Winner - Hannah Merry
Runner up - Rachel Lynch & Jennifer Pettican

Most Improved in Singing
Winner - Madison Stewart
Runner up - Ellie Osborne

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14. The winners from our last DANCE COMPETITION
(judged by Lucy Thould from Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat) were:

Infants - Winner - Sophie Sugrue, Runners up - Christopher Churley & Madison Stewart
Juniors - Winner - Hannah Sharpe, Runner up - Rebecca Canham
Seniors - Winner - Billy Lawrence, Runner up - Jennifer Pettican
Students - Winner - Rachel Lynch, Runner up - Rhianna Madden

The winners from our last SINGING COMPETITION
(Judged by Tim Harwood from Grease, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Joseph, The Blues Brothers, Elvis - The Musical)

Infants - Winner - Christopher Churley, Runner Up - Isabelle Hawley,
Zac Fletcher, Emily Gregory & Sasha Douglas
Juniors - Winner - Amelia Harris, Runner Up - Whitney Tilbury &
Sophie Sugrue
Seniors - Winner - Emilly Carter, Runner Up - Chloe Evans
Students - Winner - Sayuri Standing, Runner Up - Tamsin Griffiths

The winners from our last ACTING COMPETITION 2007
Judge - David Streames (Eastenders, The Bill) were:

Students - Winner - Mark Hughes,  Runners up - Fearne Wilson and Sophie Masser
Seniors - Winners - Danielle Gray and Elenya Madden, Runners Up - Lauren Dobson and Nuala Darby
Juniors - Winners - Samuel Baughan and Luke Pettican, Runners up - Natalie Simmons and Sophie Sugrue
Infants - Winners - Isabelle Hawley, Jerome Gooden, Jack Hopson, Emily Gregory, Harriet Rickenberg, Christopher Hawkins, and Zach Fletcher, Runners Up - Sasha Douglas, Daisy Fort and Ella Van Der Stratten

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