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'Tyler and I are extremely grateful for the fantastic training and fun he has had with you. On a personal note I would like to add that Tyler was an extremely shy child before he came to your classes and you and your team have done so much for his confidence and self esteem that I will always be grateful. Lots of luck to Star Struck, you should be very proud of what you have achieved with them.'

'Ooops SHE did it again! Congratulations on yet another stunning show, it gets better every year and they have all been sensational. We were blown away. Well done to all your team and thank you for giving Natalie the chance to really excel and shine, she along with the whole cast were great!'

'Thank you for being such a dedicated teacher. Your patience and kindness show through your pupils.'

'Wow, thank you so much, words are not enough. She's on top of the world, it was a truly fantastic show.'

'Thanks so much Frances! This show has been great! I'm so glad I joined. You are all amazing teachers and we have so much fun. Thanks!'

'The fact that Joseph enjoys it so much is fantastic. It gives me great satisfaction to encourage him doing something he really loves at such an early age, where I have seen his self confidence grow significantly in the last year or so.'

'The show was an absolute knockout this year, and congratulations to you both for putting together such an enjoyable production. I personally feel your trumpets should be well and truly blown. Your efforts must be more than rewarded when you see the success and enjoyment that is plain on the faces of the kids onstage. The joy and obvious feel good factor was so obviously seen, especially on the younger members, who have come on in leaps and bounds. The kids all seemed to be buzzing afterwards, just like their proud parents, who filled the theatre with enthusiasm.'

'Thank you for such a great show, the whole family enjoyed it, all the children were fantastic. I did find myself very misty eyed for most of Tim's bits, I was so proud of him and want to thank you, Steve, Mel and Rahul for helping to give him the confidence to walk across the stage all on his own, I'm sure he never would have done that before.'

'Just wanted to say a big 'Well done!' to you and Mel for organising so many youngsters into such a cohesive troupe, I think they really excelled, thanks to you. Samuel really enjoyed it and is thoroughly looking forward to another show!'

'Thank you for putting on such a wonderful show - we really enjoyed it! You all worked so hard and the kids enjoyed themselves - it was such a pleasure to see.'

'A big thank you to you and all who helped. Alice and Ellen had a fab evening, Ellen hasn't stopped singing and dancing ever since.'

'Thanks again for all you've done for Scarlett while she's been at Star Struck. I'm very proud of what Scarlett has achieved in her 16 months with you and it's been lovely to meet you and all your team.'

'Thank you for everything, I'm glad I came here!'

'Thanks for all the help and encouragement you gave Tim over the past year or so.'

'An enormous big thank you to all of you who helped create that fantastic show. I was very proud of Jodie, and all the other children too.'

'Thank you for everything, you have really helped me in the time I've been coming.'

'Excellent production, good sketches, great singing. Well done.'

'We couldn't believe how professional the show was, it was excellent.'

'Thanks so much! You're the best!'

'Thanks for being a great teacher, we couldn't have done it without you.'

'Thanks for everything, this show has been one of the best of all because of one special person, you!'

'Well done, the show was brilliant, best one yet! We all really enjoyed it.'